Welcome to Cypress Property Inspections


We are trained, certified and professional inspectors. We are registered and accredited in the province of British Columbia under ASTTBC (Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia). 

Our commitment to excellence and ongoing education keeps us informed and abreast of changes in our industry. For our Standards of Inspection see bcipi.asttbc.org. We encourage client participation and ensure strict confidentiality. Information is not shared with any other party.

Our history dates back over 40 years in the building industry, primarily as renovating contractors and building consultants. Our company policy is to provide a full comprehensive inspection service at a reasonable price, with a commitment to customer satisfaction. 

We do not solicit business from realtors or any third party, as this would be a conflict of interest. Such conflicts automatically compromise both the ethics and the integrity of the inspector as well as the inspection process. Realtors are salespeople intent on making a sale. A professional inspector (or inspection) may delay or thwart that sale. We at Cypress Property Inspections Ltd. are not sales oriented, rather, we dedicate our time to providing our clients with optimum information and service, so that you can make an educated and informed decision regarding your intended purchase.


BECBC - Building Envelope Council of British Columbia 

Cypress Property Inspections Ltd. continually upgrades their information by attending courses, seminars, and keeping up with building technology.